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‘Corpse Talk’ by Adam Murphy

What a pleasure it was to meet Adam and Lisa at Comic Con – held recently in Glasgow. Lisa introduced me to Adam’s latest creation – the wonderful comic book ‘Corpse Talk’. Here, Adam’s namesake cartoon character resurrects dead famous characters from history and interviews them on their fame or notoriety. There’s a good mix of well known characters from the realms of History, Art, Politics, Mythology…and not forgetting Science (my faves included Einstein and Marie Curie) – but there’s also a few surprises (George Washington Carver…and peanuts!!?)

I thoroughly recommend ‘Corpse Talk’ to you – expect to laugh…and learn!  Adam told me he is always looking for new graves… ..ha..sorry…. characters to interview and asked me who I would like to see freshly dug-up. Well, I chose John Harrison – the plucky Yorkshireman and inspirational clockmaker who single-handedly took on the scientific establishment in the 18th century to claim the Longitude prize by developing accurate clocks, thereby enabling sailors to determine their position at sea (if you know the time difference between two points on Earth, you can use that difference in time to work out  how far apart those places are in longitude, east or west) – and thereby effectively revolutionising sea travel and global trade – not bad, eh?

So it was such a top-treat when Adam drew John Harrison for me – complete with one of his maritime time-keepers.


I think it’s ‘time’ to check out ‘Corpse Talk’ by Adam Murphy

So who would you have Adam resurrect? I’m sure he’d love to know – the only provision, of course, is that they are ‘six-feet under’ – although I’m sure there are some good living candidates….arrangements could always be made…..

Check out Adam’s web-site and shop for ‘Corpse Talk’


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no7 several reps

One of the central tenets of Science is reproducability – its just part and parcel of the Scientific method…..and what else is part of modern Science? Well, the Life Sciences’ are now big I think Science Reps – or I guess ‘Representatives’ – are now a huge part of Science – I’m thinking the Thermo Fisher Scientifics, the Qiagen’s, the Promega’s, The Sigma-Aldrichs‘ – all big turnover companies providing kits (…and sometimes good freebies) to bench Scientists all over the globe.

So – did you get an interesting result from your experiment?…yes?…well ok – do it again…still interesting? – do it again and maybe this time get someone else to do it – did they get the same result?….and so on and so forth. So how many times – repeats – or reps – is sufficient? mmm good question. At least three seem to be the norm in molecular biology…..or maybe the true answer is how many Reps you can carry down the length of the lab – surely an endurance test that is a valuable extension to the Scientific method?

no18 Tip Head


Raising some Tip-Hell in the lab today !

glasstube_whats thepoint













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