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Why, it’s….Duran….Duran !


Greetings Pop Pickers!! Welcome to ‘Pick of the Sci-Pops’…. your favourite Rock & Pop groups and songs re-imagined as Humungous Hits direct from the Lab bench

Off we go then peeps…..hold on to your tips…because just ejected into the Top 20 are – at 20,

Gladys Knight and the (filter) Tips….

At 19…..are you ‘In Too Deep’, or wandering in a ‘Land of [scientific] Confusion’ – yes! It’s (muta)Genesis

New entry at 18 ….it’s Sir Paul McCartney with his ‘Wings’ pals…lab coats on…running a gel…

……‘Band on the Run’…..(150V for 45 mins should do it!)


Band(s) on the Run


Up two places at 17 – the ‘Pocket Pipette of the Prep room’….Yes! it’s Prince and he’s grinding and mincing up the lab with

‘Little Red Cuvette’

little red cuvette

Little Red Corvette?…No ! round these parts it’s a ‘Little Red Cuvette’


Is your life the pursuit of the perfect Western blot?….. then surely you’re a fan of West(ern) Life….Southern blots giving you the jips? The Beautiful South(ern) should be on your lips…Racing Nicely Alongside these two are the The Verve with ‘A Northern (blot) Soul’….that’s us up to 16 on your Pick of the Sci-Pops, folks!

Staying put at numbers 15 and 14 …..we have two classics

At 15, ‘All Shook Up’ (37oC for 30 mins)….from Elvis and here’s another hero of mine – at 14…yes, it’s Bowie! with ‘Gene Gene-y

Stay with me Pop Pickers…..straight in at number 13 ….it’s not a re-mix, it’s a ‘Mullis Master Mix’….it’s

‘(Polymerase) Chain Reaction’ from DiaNA Ross

…”it really, really could happen…yes, it really, really could happen” (…manuscript accepted for publication) – staying put at number at 12 it’s Blur! with

‘The Universal’


Your eyes don’t deceive you – this really is happening – The Universal


Let’s see if you can ‘digest’ this peeps – at 11 it’s ‘Bam(HI) rap!’ from Wham…

Echo and The Bunnymen??? NO!!! it’s EcoRI and The Bunnymen with their moody classic ‘The Cutter’ – that’s zoomed up the chart to number 10 – I mean lets be ‘blunt’ those last two are bound to ‘sticky overhang’ for a while…

Ok folks, next a Top Science fact …little did you know that Roy Orbison was partial to running SDS-PAGE gels….yup, this inspired this all time classic ……and positively charging into the charts at number 9, it’s ‘Only the Laemmli’

Number 8…..Salsa, merengue…. ‘The Lambada’??? No – in the lab we do ‘The Lambda’…don’t worry – its just a ‘phage’ we’re going through….

This weeks ‘significant’ new entry (p<0.05)…at 7 it’s The Average (+/-S.E.M.) White Band closely followed at number 6 with The Three Degrees (of freedom)

Next – at 5 – a band who came in third in the 2010 X-Factor….sorry Sigma-Factor competition….yes, young ‘uns, it’s (PLoS) One Direction!!!

And on the subject of the next generation… a non-mover at number 4, it’s a 70’s band updated for the –omics generation…..yup…it’s The New (RNA-) seq-ers….

Into the this weeks Top 3…drum roll….drum roll…

At 3…McFly…..Busted……McBusted? What happens when you cross 80’s synth pop cell biologists Soft Cell with 70’s post-punk heavyweights Joy Division… …yup Pickers…. it’s Soft Cell (Division)

Staying in the 80’s, and flying the flag for Moshing Microbiologists – at Number 2 it’s The Cult(ure)…or for synth-biologists – it’s 80’s synth-poppers Culture Club

That us reached the tip of the rack pickers…who has earned the Platinum Taq?….at number one….The album covers were printed wrongly…..they’re big lovers of lab glassware…..yes Pop Pickers….its Duran Duran!! With their classic album ‘Bio’

That’s it folks, hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks run-down of all you favourite science inspired Rock ‘n Pop classics….just who will make an ‘impact’ on the charts next time around?!

20 Gladys Knight and the (filter) Tips

19 (muta)Genesis

18 ‘Band on the Run’ Wings

17 ‘Little Red Cuvette’ Prince

16 West(ern) Life…The Beautiful South(ern)…‘A Northern (blot) Soul’ The Verve

15 ‘All Shook Up’ (37oC for 30 mins) Elvis Presley

14 ‘Gene Gene-y’ David Bowie

13 ‘(Polymerase) Chain Reaction’ DiaNA Ross

12 ‘The Universal’ Blur

11 ‘Bam(HI) rap!’ Wham

10 ‘The Cutter’ EcoRI and The Bunnymen

9 ‘Only the Laemmli’ Roy Orbison

8 The Lambda (Phage mix)

7 The Average (+/-S.E.M.) White Band

6 The Three Degrees (of freedom)

5 (PLoS) One Direction

4 The New (RNA-)seq-ers

3 Soft Cell (Division)

2 The Cult(ure)….and Culture Club

1 ‘Bio’ Duran Duran


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